Test and Validation Workshop

Multi-Core Processors



This report presents the proceedings and findings from a joint forces (Army, Navy, Air Force) workshop facilitated by FirePoint at the Hope Conference Center in Dayton, Ohio on April 30 through May 1, 2019.  The Workshop examined the certification requirements and methods of Test and Validation of Systems with Multi-Core Processors (MCPs) used in mission critical applications. The workshop was open to academia, traditional and non-traditional industry and government partners to provide a forum where participants could discuss known issues and share solutions.  These proceedings are being shared to encourage and facilitate additional cooperation and innovation to support developing the systems and capabilities our military requires. 


Full report & Briefings

To download the full report and briefings, click below.

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The Workshop was broken into multiple sessions each to highlight how MCPs are utilized and how the various issues are addressed.

Session 1: Government Overview and Requirements


Session 2: Hardware Manufactures


Academic Sessions


Session 3: RTOS and Tool Providers


Session 4: Industry Test and Validation Suites


Session 5: Platform Providers (OEMs)

The breakdown of the participants is as follows:

Industry - 53

Academia - 6

Air Force - 14

Navy - 7

Army - 21

FAA - 1

Foreign Military – 1 



In May of 2018, FirePoint Innovations Center at Wichita State University facilitated an effort to review and gather comments on a set of DRAFT Qualification and Verification standards for the use of MCP’s, generated by CCDC Aviation & Missile Center. This review generated 346 comments that were used to reshape the draft requirements for future platforms using MCP’s. In July of 2018, the US Navy hosted a Workshop on the issues associated with the use of Multi-Core processors at the University of Mary Washington in Dahlgren VA. During this event, representatives of the US Army made presentations regarding their findings on the relevant technical issues and their desire to develop a new requirements for the use of MCP’s.  In November of 2018 FirePoint facilitated a MCP Solutions Workshop for the Army with Navy, Air Force and the FAA jointly supporting.  This Workshop focused on developing solutions to the identified MCP issues. Issues were categorized into the following; Shared Devices, Memory, Interconnects & Cache. Approximately 120 people participated in the November workshop.  Immediately following the November workshop, planning for a third workshop was initiated which would focus on Test and Validation of those systems utilizing MCP’s.

About the People

This latest workshop brought together academia, regulators, chip manufactures, RTOS developers, software tool providers and the OEM’s in a forum where each presented their work relative to MCP’s.  Participants in this workshop were experts and leaders from across the military, industry and academia who all had common and unique perspectives relative to MCP’s.  Discussion was robust related to ways participants could collaborate to utilize MCPs efficiently and to, importantly, prove that systems with MPC’s are safe and reliable in the most critical applications.


About FirePoint

FirePoint is a technology-driven innovation center at Wichita State University partnered with the United States Army to leverage a range of collaborative tools and technology transfer mechanisms to accelerate the delivery of innovative capabilities to the warfighter. FirePoint is partnered with the Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command, Aviation and Missile Center (CCDC AvMC) formerly known as the Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering center (AMRDEC) via a Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA).